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Aurore is a contemplative adventure-puzzle game in third person point of view. 

You play as Aurore, a young girl travelling by train. During her journey, she gets lost in her reverie and imagines a her own world, where she has the power to resize objects

You will progress in this inner universe, discover its possibilities and how it evolves as she continues her travel.




Game made in 2.5 months by a team of 9 students of the CNAM-ENJMIN:

Producer • Coralie Feniello (LinkedIn)• 

Game and Graphic Designer • Océane Kressmann (LinkedIn• Théo Verpillat 

VFX Artist and Environment • Anaïs Riff 

Animator • Eleonore Dambre 

Programmer Sébastien Violier (LinkedIn

Sound Designer • Jérémy Guarober (LinkedIn

Music composer • Victor Verpillat 

UX Designer • Dorian Souc (LinkedIn




Rumor has it that for a second playthrough, keyboard commands like DOG, CAT, WAT and BEN could be used... Have fun!



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Aurore (Windows) 402 MB
Aurore (macOS) 404 MB
Presskit.zip 139 MB


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Are you single? With devs actually named things like Coral and Ocean, I want to marry every one of you because I know I’d have a peaceful life living with woke AF's chill enough to create this immersion. Je t’aime, all of you! And this tease of a game, like meeting the perfect soulmate when on holiday but like a ship in the night she waves goodbye as she goes to swim in the moonlight and doesn’t come back, I was left feeling like an overly attached cat-dog-wat-ben-friend craving to know more about the story, the mythos, like, whose photographs are those memories and why are they important

Franchement pas mal. Par contre je sais pas si ça vient de mon PC mais j'avais l'impression d'avoir du lag, genre low FPS.

Et mourir c'est plus rapide pour skip des checkpoint mdr

A part ça très beau jeu et magnifique musique ! GG


I loved this so I included it as a bonus game in my list! There are a lot of games with a similar aesthetic to this but the "grow" mechanic, world design, music, and sound all elevated this to something else. The ending was especially fantastic. Really great job all around!


I loved it. Everything was so beautiful.

Thank you so much we are very glad you liked the game! 

where is the support for Linux?


Hello, we are sorry for now there is not but we will try to get a Linux version soon


Very lovely game! The music and art style is so beautiful and immersive :D Everything about this game was so lovely and detailed

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Thank you so much for your comment, we sure think to participate to the contest, we'll send our submission soon!

That's great! :D


Hello I don't get access to the game! only a pink frame with music but not possible to access it. Is there a problem with the Mac version? 


Hello! It's weird because when I tested it on my Mac there was no problem at all (Macbook Pro 15" End 2013 with macOS Sierra). But thanks for your observation, we will investigate on that!

I figured out how to work around these kinds of bugs. If you hear music and SFX that responds to your movement but see only black or pink, try ESC then Options and reducing the Quality or Resolution sizes. Play around with those whenever a problem, Apply then Resume game. Sensitivity tweaking helps too depending on your mouse. It worked for me!


Not only was the game beautiful, but the attention to detail in the movement and idle animations between the two sections paired with the shift in musical tone made for a really unsettling time. Along with that, the progression of the mechanics was natural, intuitive an just damn fun. Fantastic work!


Thank you so much ! It's great to have these feedbacks, we are really happy you liked it ! 


Perfect for contemplative game lovers, the atmosphere is very peaceful and beautiful. Congratulations to the team <3


beautiful art style.


Thank you! 


This is really damn cool! I ran out of time, but I'm definitely coming back to finish this off.


Thank you for this video, it's great to see reviews on our work!